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Non-communicable diseases, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc., require long-term care and monitoring, resulting in 70-75% of the cost burden of any developed or developing nation. However, a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) helps manage chronic diseases in a coordinated, streamlined, and cost-effective manner. PCMH ensures that each patient is given a personalized care regimen to address their specific health needs on time, thus helping achieve the desired results. Continue reading to learn more about PCMH and its benefits.

What Is the Concept Behind PCMH Model?

PCMH is a team-based approach intended to promote high-quality, comprehensive, cost-effective, and data-driven preventative medical care and patient management. It is associated with effective long-term disease management and increased provider and patient satisfaction.

The goal of PCMH is to coordinate care by facilitating partnerships between patients, their family physicians or primary healthcare providers, specialists, and patient’s family (if required), ensuring that patients receive care when and where they need it and in a manner they prefer, thus assuring best clinical outcomes.

How Does PCMH Function?

PCMH involves a series of guidelines and best practices intended to foster a patient management system with easily accessible, all-inclusive healthcare.

The PCMH model functions on the following principles:

  • Extensive Care –PCMH provides comprehensive healthcare through a team-based network of providers best fitted to the patient’s behavioral and physical health.

  • Patient-Centered Care – Healthcare providers within a PCMH model develop friendly and healthy relationships with patients, their family members, and caregivers by considering the patients’ experiences, preferences, and cultural and socio-economic values.

  • Evidence-Based Strategies – The healthcare team facilitates patients’ care by using data analytics, electronic health records (EHR), and other health management tools.

  • Committed Care – The healthcare team ensures fully accessible care (as and when needed) by providing round-the-clock assistance, same-day appointments, telehealth visits, and educating patients about alternative facilities for emergency care.

Benefits of PCMH Model:

PCMH model provides substantial benefits, including:

  • Easy Access – By giving easy access to the healthcare professional, PCMH ensures care in patients’ times of need.

  • Addresses Several Health Conditions – PCMH model includes specialists from different specialties, such as pediatrics, physiotherapy, gynecology, orthopedic, etc., making it easier to address a wide range of health conditions, with the additional benefit of coordinated care including all the professionals attending to a particular patient.

  • High-Quality, Customized Care – PCMH uses various technologies and strategies to ensure optimal healthcare tailored to patients’ unique needs.

  • Cost-Effective – By providing timely medical care and chronic monitoring, PCMH reduces the need for hospitalizations and expensive emergency care and also eliminates duplication of labs or medicines. This ensures better clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

  • Population Health – PCMH allows the healthcare team to monitor patients between appointments and virtual/in-person visits, so they can gather data to better evaluate the general health of the population.

  • Evidence-Based Medicine – PCMH fosters the utilization of evidence-based medicine, facilitating standardization of care while making it easier for doctors to comply with the best practices.

When Is a Patient-Centered Medical Home Required?

Patients looking to manage chronic health conditions effectively and affordably can benefit from a patient-centered medical home. You can always switch to PCMH for a coordinated approach to care that ensures your health and wellness for a lifetime.

At PHE Healthcare, we aim to redefine primary healthcare by creating and developing population-based patient-centered medical homes, where a team of healthcare providers is available to the patient in the clinic, at home, or via telemedicine to provide personalized, high-quality, preventive healthcare. Contact us today to learn more.


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