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Get ICU Level Care at the Comfort of
Your Home In Mumbai

Specialists led care

Treatment managed by experienced intensivists and specialist doctors.

24/7 Tele Consultations with Doctors

You can connect with a doctor anytime.

Specialists home visits at your request.

Intensivists and other specialist doctors are available at your home to avoid the hassle of moving the patient to the hospital.

Personalized care plans

Our care plans are customized for the needs of each patient.

Hospital-level quality
  • Complete ICU setup at home.

  • Pharmacy and labs at home

  • Medical procedures at home

  • Medical Equipment rental option available.

What does Home ICU mean?

Prolonged Hospital ICUs stay may impact the patient’s physical and emotional health. It increases the risk of hospital-acquired infections which is often the cause for extended hospital stay. This is why home ICU care is a great alternative for patients requiring long term ICU management. Home ICU services can be especially beneficial to elderly patients, patients recovering from neurological disorders, trauma recovery, post operative rehabilitation, cancer care, etc.

At PHE Healthcare, we strive to have the best care delivered in the comfort of your own home, which is why we offer professional and supportive ICU set up at home in Mumbai location.

In our home-based ICU services, your loved one can recover in a peaceful and familiar environment, without the risks associated with hospitalizations such as hospital-acquired infections, ICU psychosis etc. Home care is also cost effective, and more comfortable not just to the patient but the entire family as a whole.

Research also shows that patients recover faster in a home environment.

We provide personalized care plans that are prepared in close consultation with the treating physician at the hospital, the patient and their family members.

What Conditions Require ICU Set Up At Home?

ICU set up at home is a vital solution for patients who require specialized medical care in the comfort of their own home. Our team of highly trained healthcare professionals provide round-the-clock care for those with:

  • Neurological disorders

  • End-stage respiratory disorders

  • Brain/spinal injuries

  • Recovery and Healing After Surgery

  • After Organ Transplantation

  • End-of-life care

  • Surviving cancer

  • To Avoid Long hospital ICU stays

Don't let a serious illness or injury disrupt your life. Choose Home ICU services for the best possible care and recovery experience.

What are the Benefits of Home ICU?
  • One-on-One Nursing Care
    Compared to nursing homes and hospitals that mostly appoint one nurse for 2-4 patients, home ICU makes it possible to have one-on-one nursing care provided by registered and experienced nurses, so the quality of care being provided is not compromised.

  • Prevention of Hospital-Acquired Infections
    The patient is prone to various bacterial, viral or fungal infections while receiving treatment at a healthcare facility. This is prevented when you receive care at home. Also, the nurse along with the support team provides good skin hygiene therefore preventing bed sores, and closely monitors for any new or additional symptoms.

  • Increased Emotional Well-Being
    ICU psychosis is common among patients who are admitted to hospital ICUs for 5 or more days due to the unfamiliar surroundings, sleep deprivation, social isolation, ICU ambiance and continuous noise. It is a disorder characterized by psychiatric symptoms, including delirium, hallucinations, paranoia, agitation, abnormal behavior, etc. A patient receiving care at home won’t be susceptible to such problems, as they are recovering in a familiar environment surrounded by their family members.


  • Convenience to Family
    The family members can conveniently focus on their personal and professional chores with peace of mind having better access to their loved one as well as continual support from the doctors & other medical team.


  • Reduction in long stay at the hospital
    ICU facility at home can reduce your overall length of stay at the hospital and ensure faster recovery in the comfort of your home.

Who Can Get ICU Services At Home in Mumbai?
  • If you've been advised to stay in the ICU for an extended period 

  • If your loved one is terminally ill or dealing with neurological, cardiac or respiratory-related issues, or cancer you may qualify. 

  • If you require long term ventilator care or are recuperating from a surgery or trauma, you might be eligible for this service at home.

If you’re looking for the ICU Services at Home in Mumbai. Contact us now.

  • What is included in Home care services?
    Doctor Consultations at Home Nursing Care at Home Medical procedures by technicians at home
  • Do you only provide home care services for older adults?
    We serve clients of all ages. Please call us to talk through your specific situation.
  • Can your caregivers help with medication?
    Yes. We ensure compliance to medication with regular home visits and tele calls. For more critical patients needing continuous monitoring or IV medication, nurses can be assigned at the patient’s house to provide 1:1 nursing care.
  • Is there any dietary restrictions in Home care for patients?
    Dietary restrictions depend on the medical condition of the patient. Our nutritionists can help in creating a meal plan as per the specific requirements of the patient.
  • What if I’m not living in my house? Can I still obtain your services?
    Yes, services can be booked by the family even for patients living alone. In cases of NRIs or where the family members do not reside in the same house, regular health updates are provided to the family by both assigned doctor as well as nurse on duty via tele call.
  • How quickly can in-home care services begin?
    As quickly as you need them. We provide a reliable, compassionate, affordable caregiver on your timeframe, according to your needs.
  • Will Doctor will be available in Home Care?
    Yes, doctor home visits or teleconsults are available. All the home care patients are managed under the guidance of a physician. If needed, care is coordinated with the treating doctor at the hospital also so all the care providers are kept updated on the progress of the patient.
  • Is Home care covered under insurance?
    Some insurance providers do cover home care. Kindly check with your provider for details.
  • Can I speak with a doctor anytime, day or night?
    Yes, for the home ICU cases only. For others, tele consult appointments are scheduled.
  • Is home care available 24 hours a day?
    Yes, for the home ICU cases only.
  • Can I call for medical advice at any time of the day?
    yes tele consult appointments can be scheduled.
  • Is there a doctor always on call for tele-support?
    Yes, for the home ICU cases only.
Frequently Asked Questions:  
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