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What is it?

The medical home, also known as the patient-centered medical home (PCMH), is a team-based health care delivery model to provide comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients, with a goal to obtain maximal health outcomes. 

The team is led by a family physician who focuses on preventive & holistic care.

We believe that the best health care is not what is available when you’re ‘sick’. Instead, we maintain an ongoing partnership with the patient to keep them ‘healthy’ and ‘out of the hospital’.


Quality chronic care is ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’ & we work towards avoiding long-term problems

What are the benefits ?


Patients are more likely to seek the right care, from the right place at the right time


Doctors are less likely to duplicate tests or procedures


Person-focused care (not disease focused)


Focus on wellness & prevention reduces incidence & severity of adverse events


Cost saving results from appropriate use of medicines & investigations, and fewer hospitalizations


Patients are less likely to delay care or leave conditions untreated, hence reducing unexpected emergencies


Higher patient satisfaction, better recall of information and treatment adherence


Better recovery, and improved health outcomes

What are we trying to do ?

  • Create India's 1st Health care clinic modeled on Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Concept 

  • Redefine Primary health care in urban India

  • Shift in healthcare from fragmentation to coordination.

  • Improved health outcomes at lower cost to patients.

Our Vision

Create population-based patient centered medical homes to redefine primary healthcare in India

Our Mission

  • Provide Integrated healthcare solutions with emphasis on preventive and personalized care.

  • Minimize health resource utilization by maximizing home management

  • Use digital innovations to enhance patient outcomes

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Hear from our founders...

Dr Hardik Kharwa
Dr Nila Velayudhan
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