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Regain Your Mobility, Strength, and Overall Fitness with Physiotherapy Care

PHE Healthcare offers physiotherapy in Andheri West and surrounding areas. Both physiotherapy at home & in the clinic options available. Our physiotherapists are committed to help you improve your functional ability.

Whether you have chronic pain, mobility issues, or are recovering from sports injuries or surgery, physiotherapy is the key to restoring and maintaining your optimal physical function that enables independent living.

However, for many patients, especially elders and those recovering from fractures or living with chronic pain, there may be different reasons, including the inability to travel, proximity issues, and waiting time that may prevent them from visiting the care center to get continuous physiotherapy care. This is where physiotherapy at home service can help.

At PHE Healthcare, we offer physiotherapy at home for various injuries and illnesses, ranging from general joint or muscle pain to conditions, such as stroke, Parkinson’s, etc. We have highly trained and well-equipped physiotherapists to help patients with a wide range of medical conditions.

Why Is Physiotherapy Required?

  • Neurological Rehabilitation – To regain your mobility and ability to maintain balance and posture after neurological disorders, such as stroke, spinal cord injury, and Parkinson’s.

  • Respiratory Rehabilitation – To help strengthen the muscles and clear your airways impacted by respiratory conditions, such as bronchiectasis, chronic pulmonary disorders, cystic fibrosis, etc.

  • Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation – To heal the pain in muscles, joints, tendons, bones, and ligaments caused by tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, etc.

  • Sports Injuries – To regain your athletic skills, strength, and flexibility after sports injuries, such as ACL tear, ankle sprain, groin pull, shin splints, shoulder injuries, hamstring strain, etc.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle Issues – To heal the muscle spasms and back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle including limited physical movement and sitting down for long periods.

  • Post-Fracture Rehabilitation – To help strengthen your muscles, posture, and overall balance while recovering from surgeries or fractures.

  • Home ICU – - Limb and chest physiotherapy done regularly for home ICU patients who are often bedbound for prolonged periods.

Here are some advanced physical therapies and their benefits:

  • Cupping Therapy - Increases blood flow to the muscles, promotes cell repair, and releases tension.

  • Manual Therapy - Improves motor control and movement efficiency to restore joint mobility.

  • Taping - Backs up the injured tissue and educates the muscles to travel in specific pathways.

  • Aqua-Therapy - Improves joint flexibility, balance, and strength while mitigating abnormal muscular tone.

  • Needling Therapy - Heals muscle spasms and pain.

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Benefits of Physiotherapy
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Physiotherapy care includes substantial benefits with less to no side effects:

  • Effective pain management with reduced need for pain medications.

  • Proper healing from an injury, thus eliminating the need for surgery.

  • Restores mobility and movement.

  • Improves overall balance, thus preventing accidental falls.

  • Management of age-related medical problems, such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

  • Helps control diabetes and vascular conditions.

Can We Get Physiotherapy at Home?

Yes, PHE Healthcare provides physiotherapy at home with the best possible attention that you need to quickly get back to your optimal health. We will create the perfect exercise regimen to keep you moving and make sure your rehabilitation is result-oriented and stress-free.

Why Choose Us?

At PHE Healthcare, we are committed to providing effective and affordable physiotherapy both at the clinic and at home, that focuses on helping you recover sooner from an injury and improving your overall physical health.

Highlights of Our At-home Physiotherapy Care:
  • Get attended by experienced and competent physiotherapists.
  • Customized sessions tailored to your needs and availability.

  • Patient-centric care approach to ensure comfort and convenience.

  • Evidence-based physical therapies to ensure better outcomes.


If you are looking for at-home physiotherapy in Andheri West, or surrounding areas to help treat your pain or recover from injuries, contact us today at PHE Healthcare.

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