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India's 1st Patient Centered Medical Home

High quality, Comprehensive, Long term Primary Care


Comprehensive Care

We take care of all primary healthcare needs; focusing on prevention and improving long term health outcomes.

Our multidisciplinary team based approach ensures holistic care & better patient satisfaction.


We endeavor to make primary care easily accessible and convenient by using digital platforms to ease patient’s connection to the health care provider.

Patient & Family Centered

We partner with patients & their families and seek to understand & respect each patient’s unique needs, culture, values, and preferences.


We try to minimize healthcare expenditure by focusing on prevention and early intervention.

Home based management helps reduce hospitalizations & duration of hospital stay.

Coordinated Care

We coordinate care across all elements of the broader health care system; including specialty care, home health care, & hospitals. 

Such coordination is particularly critical during transitions between sites of care, such as when patients are being discharged from the hospital

Committed to quality

We are committed to providing safe, high-quality care through evidence-based care, coordinated decision-making, and performance measurement through well maintained medical records.

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