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a men with leg disability and with home care nurse

Home care services provide opportunities for medical care and assistance at home, improving patients' quality of life and improving their well-being. Home-based care has been gaining popularity as it allows for better patient satisfaction and superior clinical outcomes and is a more convenient and economical option.

This is especially relevant in the Indian healthcare setup as we lack primary healthcare centers, step-down facilities, hospices, rehabilitation centers, etc. Hospitals almost always remain crowded, with long queues at every counter, the billing desks, or the investigation rooms. Our tertiary hospitals need to be more generous regarding infrastructure and resources. Providing quality primary care and managing health events at home whenever possible will significantly help locally and nationally.

Importance of Home Care Services

Home healthcare solutions can be up to 40% cheaper than hospitals because the infrastructure is unused. The hospitals can maximize the hospital facilities such as Operation theaters, Cardiac Cath-labs, ICU beds, etc., by sending the low-acuity patients to home care faster.

Further, home care can reduce unnecessary hospital visits by up to 65%, and patients have a faster recovery cycle.

What Is Home Healthcare?

Home care services in India include a variety of client care responsibilities by trained professionals. Medical care, from minor procedures, infection management, management of chronic illnesses, post-hospitalization rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, home ventilation, and palliative care, can be provided at home. Care providers may assist patients with daily activities, like eating, bathing, and dressing, for patients requiring support.

Health Care Services allow patients to hold on to the familiarity of their home while getting the assistance they need.

But, Do Home Care Services Have Any Benefits?

Home Care, especially for Seniors, comes with a variety of benefits. Here are some of the home care benefits listed below:

  • Better clinical outcomes and faster recovery.

  • Familiar Environment.

  • Full-time care with 1:1 nursing.

  • Economical compared to a prolonged hospital stay.

  • Prevention of hospital-acquired infections.

  • Avoids logistic challenge of multiple hospital trips especially difficult for patients who are bed bound or have limited mobility.

  • Comfort to the patient and convenience to the family.

Why has home care services become a need in the current healthcare scenario?

Home-based healthcare services have been rapidly gaining popularity in India, especially in metro cities. Many new service providers have emerged recently, and some hospitals have also extended their services to the home. Some insurance providers have also introduced plans that now cover patients' healthcare at home.

According to NATHEALTH’s Indian Home Healthcare 2.0 Report, Indian Home Healthcare has grown to a $5.4 billion market today. And this segment is expected to grow to a $19.9 billion market by 2025.

How Much Does Elderly Care Cost in India?

The cost of care at home varies depending on the medical requirement. Basic needs like nursing care, physiotherapy, nutrition guidance, speech therapy, occupational therapy, labs, etc., are usually cheaper than hospitals. For more elaborate necessities such as home ICU, equipment rental, medical consumables, doctor home visits, etc., additional and customized care plans are designed as per the need of the patient and family. Our experience shows home care to be around 35-40% cheaper than a hospital stay, significantly increasing cases requiring long-term ICU care.

PHE Healthcare are here to support you in every way possible.

If you need Home Care, PHE Health Care can be your perfect guide to help you in every possible way. Contact us today to get started with affordable and effective home medical care services from skilled and trained professionals.


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