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Bring Critical Care at Home with Our Home ICU Services

PHE Healthcare offers ICU at-home services to those who require long-term medical care and assistance in the comfort and convenience of their home.

Prolonged Hospital ICUs stay may impact the patient’s physical and emotional health, influence their comfort, and increase the risk of hospital-acquired infections. This is why home ICU care is a great alternative for patients, especially elders who need long term critical care for their illness.

At PHE Healthcare, we offer the best-in-class ICU facility at home to improve your loved ones’ quality of life by providing personalized care and attention in the most compassionate and comfortable set-up. We follow a personalized plan of care prepared for each individual in discussion with the patient & family members so they have peace of mind and comfort while they recover.

Why Is Home ICU Required?

Home ICU is an excellent way to receive care for patients

  • With neurological disorders, end-stage respiratory disorders, or brain/spinal injuries

  • Post operative rehabilitation

  • After organ transplantation

  • Requiring end-of-life care

  • Surviving cancer

  • Who need to recover after a long stay in the hospital ICU

Nurse and Patient
Benefits of Home ICU
  • One-on-One Nursing Care
    Compared to nursing homes and hospitals that mostly appoint one nurse for 3 patients, home ICU makes it possible to have one-on-one nursing care provided by registered and experienced nurses, so the quality of care being provided is not compromised.

  • Prevention of Hospital-Acquired Infections
    The patient is prone to various bacterial, viral or fungal infections while receiving treatment at a healthcare facility. This is prevented when you receive care at home. Also, the nurse along with the support team provides good skin hygiene therefore preventing bed sores, and closely monitors for any new or additional symptoms.

  • Increased Emotional Well-Being
    ICU psychosis is common among patients who are admitted to hospital ICUs for 5 or more days due to the unfamiliar surroundings, sleep deprivation, social isolation, ICU ambiance and continuous noise. It is a disorder characterized by psychiatric symptoms, including delirium, hallucinations, paranoia, agitation, abnormal behavior, etc. A patient receiving care at home won’t be susceptible to such problems, as they are recovering in a familiar environment surrounded by their family members.

  • Convenience to Family
    The family members can conveniently focus on their personal and professional chores with peace of mind having better access to their loved one as well as continual support from the doctors & other medical team.

Why ICU at Home?
  • Cost-effective compared to hospital ICUs.

  • Provides personalized care.

  • Prevention of hospital acquired infections.

  • Improves patient satisfaction and emotional wellbeing.

  • Doctor-led supervision along with one on one nursing care.

  • Promotes quick healing and often better clinical outcomes.

  • Convenience to family

Why Choose Us?

PHE Healthcare’s Home ICU service ensures skilled critical care in the comfort of your home. We follow a comprehensive care approach that is led by physicians and other specialists involved in the treatment to provide you or your loved ones with the highest quality of care that ensures better clinical outcomes.

Highlights of Our Home ICU Services:
  • 24/7 tele-support with doctors.

  • Intensivists and specialists are available for home visits if required.

  • Nursing staff with competent knowledge and experience in ICU care. Nursing staff coordinate care with treating physicians & specialists to ensure early detection and appropriate management of medical events.

  • A customized care plan developed by working with patients and their families.

  • Pharmacy, medical equipment, and labs at home.

If you are looking for home ICU services near you, contact us today at PHE Healthcare. We look forward to helping you to heal better at home.

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