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Experience the Improved Quality of Life with Cancer Care at Home

PHE Healthcare offers home care for cancer patients for the convenience of taking repeated injections and transfusions at home, relief from the treatments’ side effects & symptoms, and holistic management of other health issues along with cancer care.

Cancer often requires long-term medical care and supervision. However, staying in hospitals for a prolonged period can be uncomfortable and stressful for cancer patients. Here home care for cancer patients can help.

At PHE Healthcare, we offer personalized and compassionate care at home for cancer that focuses on continuity, symptoms management, and addressing the emotional and physical needs of the patients and their caregivers. With our top-notch home care services, we will help you survive or recover sooner while being surrounded by your friends and family.

Why Cancer Care Is Required?

Cancer patients need to be under continuous medical intervention or care to manage their condition effectively and improve their well-being and standard of living.

So, you might need long-term cancer care when:

  • You receive cancer treatment, such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy to slow or prevent cancer.

  • You are just diagnosed with cancer and are under treatment.

  • You have finished treatment but are still experiencing side effects or symptoms.

  • You are requiring repeated blood transfusions.

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Benefits of Cancer Care
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Despite the stage and severity of your illness, cancer care can be helpful to:

  • Get the care and support you need while under curative treatment.

  • Manage your symptoms, preventing them from aggravating, thus eliminating the need for hospitalizations.

  • Managing other coexisting health issues along with cancer treatment.

  • Be prompt with your medications, ensuring they are taken as prescribed.

  • Get recommendations on your diet and workout routine.

Can We Get Cancer Care at Home?

Yes, PHE Healthcare has made it possible for cancer patients to receive the required care at home. Our home care for cancer includes:

  • Continuity of care monitored by healthcare providers.

  • Dedicated care provider for each patient.

  • Primary care team (including physicians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, swallow therapists etc) coordinates care with treating Oncologists.

  • Daily patient monitoring (includes measuring their vitals).

  • Specialists and other paramedical teams work together to provide comprehensive care.

  • Effective pain management.

Why Choose Us?

For some patients, receiving best-in-class cancer care requires traveling away from home, which can be worrisome for those who need comprehensive treatment with multiple hospitalizations or follow-up sessions. However, with PHE Healthcare, your cancer care journey can be elementary.

We provide home care for cancer patients, so you can get the medical attention you need without having to be admitted to the hospital. We follow a holistic care approach that includes collaborating with patients and their families and providing special treatments to attain outstanding, patient-centric care at all times.


We also provide at-home chemotherapy and blood transfusions to ensure the comfort and convenience of cancer patients throughout their care period. Those who live with advanced cancer with a short life expectancy can benefit from our end-of-life cancer care with pain management.

If your loved one is surviving cancer and you are looking for the best care for them at their convenience, contact us today at PHE Healthcare. We provide effective and doctor-led home care for cancer patients at cost-effective rates.

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